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This Xiaomi Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver features 24 screw bits that is sure to help you fix any of your household appliances. From quartz watches, cameras, radios, computers, cell phones to household appliances, this screwdriver is sure to serve your needs.

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This splendid screwdriver has won 2019 the German iF Design Award, with its innovative pop-up window, features 3 gear ratchet adjustment, 8 piece bits and 1 extension bar.It brings you a new experience to do the household reparing.Xiaomi Wiha 8-in-1 precision screwdriver set with a unique design whereby the pieces are hidden inside the set and can pop-up when needed. 8 types of screws in 1 screwdriver package.It also features an ergonomic handle design which makes for ease of use, ensures maximum torque output and at the same time brings a comfortable grip while using.It comes in black and provides great ergonomics.It is perfect for using in different situation.There is also a retractable extension bar where each of the tips can be inserted and removed easily. With small size and lightweight,it meets the operational needs of various spaces.It is a screwdriver that can solve a variety of repair needs and its multi-functional screw heads will make sure you do not need a whole bunch of screw driver tools—just one will do.


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